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Why a BID?


Business Improvement Districts are a tried, tested and well proven formula for uniting,  regenerating, improving and transforming towns, cities and business parks across the world and to date there are circa 290 BIDs across the UK with 10+ in Birmingham and 50+ in London.  


The projects BIDs provide are bespoke to individual areas and cater for the wants and needs of the businesses; chosen entirely by the businesses themselves and voted for by a majority at official ballot.



BID Facts...


Solihull BID

  • Spends £1.3 million on marketing and events over the five year BID term


Truro BID

  • 3 consecutive Gold awards for South West in Bloom

  • Events bringing in an additional 25,000 people

  • Website receives 1,000 hits per day with one page for every business to the

         value of £150

  • Production of 17,500 event guides

  • Marketing coverage valued at £30,000 - £40,000

  • 9th lowest retail vacancy rate in UK (out of 750)


Falmouth BID

  • Falmouth Spring Festival

  • New logo and brand for the town

  • 100,000 new visitor map guides distributed

  • New logo to support Fal 350

  • New Falmouth shopper bag

  • Six vacant sites revamped eg Woolworths and Threshers

  • Official new website with over 500 pages

  • National PR campaign achieving £200,000 worth of national coverage -

         a return on investment of 15:1

  • New street furniture

  • 200+ new flags, 2,500+ metres of bunting and 100+ floral displays

  • New Christmas Festival

  • A new cruise ship scheme that has trialled the dropping of 5,000 passengers in the centre of town

  • Numerous FREE training courses for local businesses and financial support for all major local events










Stratford upon Avon BID

Events & entertainment

  • Organise the Fringe & River Festivals and co-organise the Food Festival

  • Supported the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the town

  • Partnered with Stratford Vision on a large screen for the

  • Olympics opening ceremony

  • Deliver the Christmas events programme

  • Expand the plan of events and entertainment, to include an outdoor Fashion Show

Marketing & promotion

  • Print & distribute major leaflet campaigns

  • Develop and maintain key websites to promote

  • Stratford-upon-Avon

  • Organise a major social media campaign

  • Deliver promotional radio campaigns

  • Set up a series of quarterly features in key quality publications

Customer service & safety

  • Employ Town Hosts to assist visitors, support businesses, oversee street entertainment and to uphold theappearance of the town

  • Organised a pilot system of Street Marshals to support the evening economy


InHolborn BID's bulk buying club achieved 25% savings on electricity costs


Bedford BID's marketing created an additional 9,000 people in town per week


Winchester BID 2

  • 25% increase in daily tours of the city

  • £48,000 Christmas campaign


Hull's BID achieved a 38% reduction in crime within the city


Kingston BID's retail sales increased by 7.5%


Coventry's BID increased footfall by over 2% when the West Midlands average was down by 6%, a very dramatic contrast


90% of respondents felt that the level of cleanliness had improved or greatly improved as a result of the Holborn BID


The New West End Company (London) achieved two years of sales growth ahead of the UK in the first term of the BID


Cannock Chase BID

  • BID boundary involved 5 Business Parks over 3 towns within one District forming 1 BID

  • Installed 16 CCTV cameras, same specification as those operating at Birmingham Airport

  • Provided 24/7 CCTV monitoring

  • Businesses had CCTV software on their home laptops enabling remote viewing of their business

  • Fortnightly grounds maintenance - litter pick, grass cutting, chemical weedspray, landscaping

  • Mobile security patrols


Broad Street BID

  • Recorded crime down by 50.7%

  • 87% of visitors thought that Broad Street was safer than before the BID

  • 385 hanging baskets in the BID area each year

  • Generated £2.1 million of positive media coverage in 12 months

  • Created the high profile 'Walk of the Stars'

  • Installed 37,000 LED tree lights

  • BID branded taxi marshals


Rugby BID

  • Installed state of the art CCTV system in the town

  • 24/7 monitoring by BID CCTV operatives

  • Rugby Rangers - high visibility, friendly, helpful town ambassadors patrolling the town

  • Shoplifting incidents decreased by 54%

  • Every week their BID Clean Team visit 90+ businesses to clean the exterior of business premises, shop frontages and  doorways

  • Introduced events and marketing to encourage more visitors to Rugby


Plymouth BID

  • Daytime crime reduced by 23%

  • 300,000 additional day time visitors to the city since the start of the BID

  • Parking promotions

  • Plymouth BID manages the Council car parking service


Camden BID

  • Funded an additional 28 uniformed Police Officers to patrol the BID area

  • Reduced crime by over 30%

  • Removed 4,000 pieces of graffiti

  • Prepared and delivered a £10 million streetscape regeneration plan

  • All BID streets cleaned at least once a day, in addition to the Council standard service

  • Introduced London's first 24 hour commercial pop up space




Swansea BID Chewing Gum & Graffiti Removal Project has now removed over 1.8 million pieces of gum


Dorchester BID making all car parks ‘Pay on Exit’


Swansea BID works with NCP and offers ‘Free Parking on Sundays’


Shrewsbury BID trailed a ‘Free Sunday Parking’ in June and footfall at the Darwin Shopping Centre and Pride Hill Shopping Centre rose by 35% and 34% respectively, on last year’s figures